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Hints of Scarlet

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Hello! My name's Mich! Feel free to check out my personal journal, shimchangmint. I LOVE PHOTOSHOP (though PS doesn't love me back. Oh! The woes of an unrequited love). I enjoy experimenting with colorings and creating my own PSDs. I made this community because I'm still pretty shy with posting non-plain edits. You can find all of my plain edits on my tumblr account (link on the bottom).
What ever shall you find here? Icons, lots and lots of icons, banners, occasional wallpapers (if I can find hq raw images for it), and a bunch of other random edits. My main focus will be TVXQ but I'll edit EXO once in a while I guess. Way I edit: Mostly selective coloring, color balance, levels, gradient fills, brightness. Very rarely do I use vibrance and hue/sat. 
I shall keep everything in this journal open to the public EXCEPT for the PSDs & texture sets I'll be sharing. To join, just simply comment here then hit +join this community. Comments are not necessary but they'll really make me happy :). If you're going to take anything, please credit hintsofscarlet.

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